The Dollmaker


More fan characters for @litterbot’s engiverse, because why not?


A secretive engineer named The Dollmaker through the rumor mill because of the distinct Ball Joint Doll-esque look of her robots, who’s unnervingly life like behavior, they say, said to be a result of marrying technology and occult Mysticism. None of this was never proven definitively true or otherwise.

Her name was primary attached to whispers of assassination and espionage. Her Dolls hirable for a steep price for any number of quick clean jobs. Valuing her privacy and seemingly thriving in secrecy she went out of her way to avoid other engineers, so much so that the unexpected involvement of another engineer in a job would result in the instant termination of a contract with few exception. During her time as the Dollmaker she was never known to do business face to face preferring instead to send one of her Dolls to deal with finalizing of contracts.

Shortly after an incident that cost her right eye and leg she seemed fall off the grid becoming little more then an a myth or cautionary tale.

Years later she resurfaced not as the Doll Maker but as the equally secretive Doctor. Opening an underground clinic for though with too much money who preferred their medical needs be met out of the public eye. The Docttor is sought after most for her ‘experimental treatments”, designer prosthetic, and commitment to her patients secrecy. Most of her dolls were de-weaponized and repurposed to act of nurses and other health care assistance. Even as The Doctor she’s retained her weariness of other engineers. Again going, seemingly, out of her way to make it more difficult for them to contact her or receive treatment.


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