This is Illiana! She’s a robot.

So one of my favorite things to do is talk to @litterbot about the lore he’s got going on behind his bots that I have been affectionately calling “The Engiverse” (By talk I mean relentlessly bother him about it until he and tells me everything. That guy has the patients of a saint. He’s the best. Luv you buddy!). aaaannnnd I may or may not have created my own cast of fan robo’s for it?! Because i have not self control and making characters is like a compulsion at this point.

This is Illiana. She’s a former assassin Doll. Built by the mysterious and secretive Doll Maker who now-a-days is better known as the mysterious and secretive Doctor. Illiana has since been repurposed to take the roll of a nurse at the clinic like many of The Doctor’s other Dolls were after she stepped down from the assassination and espionage game.

Illiana is the Doll Makers prized Doll and most expensive to hire. Also the most unstable. Something went a tad awry during the creation of her Core resulting in the occasional wild mood swings and other strange behaviors. Despite this unpredictability, or maybe because of it, Illiana is one of the most dangerous Dolls in the Doctor’s collection. Despite being retired as an assassin and redesignated as a health care assistant Illiana has not been deweaponized.

I’d like to do a project with the Dolls maybe involving the Big Bot’s robo’s?! Or I might keep it self contained!? I dunno, I’ll think of something maybe… There are quite a few others so get ready for that.

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