Hirc test


I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy note so I could draw on something while out and about and long carpools demanded by the soul crushing day job. I decided to test it out with a grumpy Hircus.

Agent Aidan’s character card

Aidan Cardfront Aidancardback

Second of the three initial character cards are done! which just leaves Founder as far as out starting cast goes.

Aidan is a fairly new agent on the Nexus roster and the unfortunate flame assigned to partner to Agent Craulein. Or his tag along depending on which one you ask. He’s a good agent but his job is hard when his partner often doesn’t remember him.

The Dollmaker


More fan characters for @litterbot’s engiverse, because why not?


A secretive engineer named The Dollmaker through the rumor mill because of the distinct Ball Joint Doll-esque look of her robots, who’s unnervingly life like behavior, they say, said to be a result of marrying technology and occult Mysticism. None of this was never proven definitively true or otherwise.

Her name was primary attached to whispers of assassination and espionage. Her Dolls hirable for a steep price for any number of quick clean jobs. Valuing her privacy and seemingly thriving in secrecy she went out of her way to avoid other engineers, so much so that the unexpected involvement of another engineer in a job would result in the instant termination of a contract with few exception. During her time as the Dollmaker she was never known to do business face to face preferring instead to send one of her Dolls to deal with finalizing of contracts.

Shortly after an incident that cost her right eye and leg she seemed fall off the grid becoming little more then an a myth or cautionary tale.

Years later she resurfaced not as the Doll Maker but as the equally secretive Doctor. Opening an underground clinic for though with too much money who preferred their medical needs be met out of the public eye. The Docttor is sought after most for her ‘experimental treatments”, designer prosthetic, and commitment to her patients secrecy. Most of her dolls were de-weaponized and repurposed to act of nurses and other health care assistance. Even as The Doctor she’s retained her weariness of other engineers. Again going, seemingly, out of her way to make it more difficult for them to contact her or receive treatment.




This is Illiana! She’s a robot.

So one of my favorite things to do is talk to @litterbot about the lore he’s got going on behind his bots that I have been affectionately calling “The Engiverse” (By talk I mean relentlessly bother him about it until he and tells me everything. That guy has the patients of a saint. He’s the best. Luv you buddy!). aaaannnnd I may or may not have created my own cast of fan robo’s for it?! Because i have not self control and making characters is like a compulsion at this point.

This is Illiana. She’s a former assassin Doll. Built by the mysterious and secretive Doll Maker who now-a-days is better known as the mysterious and secretive Doctor. Illiana has since been repurposed to take the roll of a nurse at the clinic like many of The Doctor’s other Dolls were after she stepped down from the assassination and espionage game.

Illiana is the Doll Makers prized Doll and most expensive to hire. Also the most unstable. Something went a tad awry during the creation of her Core resulting in the occasional wild mood swings and other strange behaviors. Despite this unpredictability, or maybe because of it, Illiana is one of the most dangerous Dolls in the Doctor’s collection. Despite being retired as an assassin and redesignated as a health care assistant Illiana has not been deweaponized.

I’d like to do a project with the Dolls maybe involving the Big Bot’s robo’s?! Or I might keep it self contained!? I dunno, I’ll think of something maybe… There are quite a few others so get ready for that.

Aidan’s Cardfront

Aidan Cardfront

Front of Aidan’s Character card! Finally done! These things take so long! *Gross sobbing*

Thank @litterbot for the candlehead

His partners character card is here!

Soundwave (Prime)


SOUNDWAVE PRIME PRINT, NERDS! Sellin this as Vegas! Also gunna make a magnet out of either this guy or Panther…I am yet undecided. We’ll see how much it costs and maybe I’ll do both.


Black Panther no wkanda Black Panther wkanda

Black Panther! With and without the city in the background! One of thses will be a print for Vegas! I just dunno which yet.



Print of Vision I made for the Vegas Comic con I’ll be at  with @tbdoll!

Easter Terr

Easter terr

Terr is here to wish you a happy Easter! She even got all dressed up for the occasion!

Don’t Dip Robots

Don't dip nano

Fun fact: Nano is the heaviest of @litterbot‘s team of misfit robo’s and should not be dipped by humans almost half his height.